Buckthorn Sun - beautiful warmth radiating from a bundle dyed silk ribbon

It makes me smile, this silk ribbon, full of warmth, the promise of summer days and lazy afternoons in the sun.
2020 was a challenging year, and during that time I wrote some short poems, mirroring my state of mind at that time.  This one, 'A Glimmer' brings promises of hope in the darkest of times.


A glimmer
Of gorse
And golden Sun
Panic rise
Hope spins
Earth turns
Moon Rise
Dream swim

April 2020, Sian Cornish


Dyed with Buckthorn Bark as one of our 2021 Limited Collection seasonal launches, there is nothing more joyful than the yellow this produces!


Yellow silk ribbon on a wooden spool with pittosporum


Yellow silk ribbon unwound from a wooden spoolwith foliage

Images: John Hersey Studio
Styling: The Garden Gate Flower Company
Model with white dress and wide yellow silk ribbon in her hair tied in a low loose ponytail
Styling: Annie Fern
Florist: The Good Florist
Hair Styling: Zeb Finch
Image: John Hersey Studio