Natural Dye Activities & Inspiration for Spring time Family Fun

In Spring 2020, at the start of the first UK national lockdown, we go busy at home with our own children and launched a Natural Dye Activity.

Naturally dyed Easter eggs, coloured pasta and plant dyed pieces of paper

For spring inspiration and creative exploration, this activity guide is packed with budget-friendly activities using just the basics from your kitchen store cupboard to create incredible colour combinations and creative crafts - DIY dyeing activities with a springtime theme for guaranteed fun.
Different Coloured beans dyed with natural dyes in an egg carton
Exploring the effects of acid and alkaline, we also showed how to create an activity tree and try your hand at painting with natural dyes, offering a dose of inspiration and education, for adults and kids of all ages. Using everyday household essentials and appreciating the beauty of simplicity and creativity, this affordable guide will keep enquiring minds busy and tiny hands messy, offering a sense of calm and an appreciation of colour.