Real Wedding - from postponement to perfection

Rarely do I have access to the journey that my ribbons go on when they leave the studio.  After the love and careful preparation, they leave solo, off on adventures around the UK and worldwide, leaving me pondering their story. It is a real honour to be part of a love story,  so when a lovely bride allowed me access to a part of her special day and the treasured memories, the stories and details behind the wedding, I was over the moon.

The story

After many postponements due to Covid, the couple finally married in 2021 at an intimate family event, streched over a weekend at a beautiful historic house. Although downsized from their original plan, there was no skimping on details, every apsect carefully thought through, curated and often hand made.

Supporting Artisans

Keen to support artisans and makers, the bride's own creativity also shone through, from her hand crafted ring pillow, to the rings the couple made at The Quarter Workshop.  Plant dyed silk ribbon in soft Gold Taupe formed an element of the beautiful ring pillow, and of course graced the bridal bouquet in flowing splendour. The cake was made by the bride's Mum, and all the stationary and room goodie bags again made by the talented bride!

Dress, Headband and Veil

The dress was also hand made, this time in London, with the bride managing to squeeze in fittings between lockdowns. A beautiful headband from, as the bride describes her 'lovely Hannah' from Eden B, and another hand crafted element in the form of an appliqued lace veil for the brides sister.

Seasonal Flowers

Flowers were all seasonal Irish flowers by Fernwood Flowers, grown in florist Brigid's cutting garden, soft peach toned roses and wonderful pops of orange Dahlias, and touches of Lunaria amongst the foliage.

Memory Box

After the wedding, the couple kept the hand crafted ring pillow in their wedding memories box, and kept the bouquet ribbon to be used again in a future project. This is something I would really encourage every couple to thing about, the treasured items they can return to time and time again to bring back vivid and happy memories.

The beautiful Bride, the hand knitted socks and other details!

Photography: Savo Photography
Headband: Hannah at Eden B
Ring Pillow and Grooms Socks: The Bride!
Silk Ribbons: Lancaster & Cornish

With grateful thanks to the Bride and Groom for sharing their day.